• 21 Mukhi
    21 Mukhi21 Mukhi21 Mukhi

    21 Mukhi


    21 Mukhi Rudraksha (21 faced Rudraksha)

    21 faced Rudraksha is the rarest of the rare Rudraksha. It is as rare as a round 1 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal. This Rudraksha is ruled by Kubera, the Lord of Finances. The wearer is blessed with immense wealth, prosperity and fulfilment of materialistic desires. This Rudraksha protects the wearer from the most powerful black magic and psychic attacks. 21 Mukhi Rudraksha totally transforms the solar chakra of the wearer into a new dimension. The possessor of this Rudraksha should not discuss about this Rudraksha too much as sometimes it can make the other person jealous of the wearer's achievements.
    Regular $42000
    Medium $67000
    Collectors $91000
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